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Biotech Jobs >> Biotech Articles >> BioTech Career Feature >> Biochemistry Jobs - Top 10 Biochemistry Employment Opportunities
  • BioTech Career Feature

Biochemistry Jobs - Top 10 Biochemistry Employment Opportunities

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As science probes deeper into living organisms, a new generation of biochemistry jobs and biochemistry careers are born. To budding scientists and researchers, the biochemistry job description in this age of DNA mapping and genetic research reads like an invitation to adventure.

Here are the top ten biochemistry employment opportunities with applications in the fields of medicine, industry, science, and agriculture.

1. Biologist

Biologists study the underlying mechanisms of life in relation to the environment. Their specific fields of interest include heredity, diseases, and cellular or molecular structures. Biochemistry jobs as a biologist are involved in basic or applied research and perform specialized procedures in laboratories using sophisticated equipment. Beginning biologists must have a bachelor's degree in biological science, while senior ones require a master's degree. The average annual salary is $41,000.

2. Forensic Scientist

Biochemistry careers in forensics deal with the analysis of material evidence to establish how a crime was made and identify the perpetrators. Forensic scientists work in a laboratory and may be called upon to inspect the crime scene. They partner with the police and are often invited as expert witnesses during trial proceedings. The biochemistry job description of a forensic scientist is highly specialized and very challenging. Minimum requirements include a bachelor's degree in chemistry or biology. Top posts require a PhD, Master's, or other postgraduate qualifications. The average annual salary is $55,000.

3. Clinical Data Specialist

This professional is part of the data management team and collaborates with the laboratory manager on the design, testing, implementation, and final documentation of clinical data studies. Other responsibilities include performing research, ensuring accurate coding, and interpreting clinical data. Freelance specialists are required to have a doctoral or master's degree plus significant laboratory experience. Entry-level applicants must have a bachelor's degree in computer science, statistics, or mathematics plus relevant research and laboratory exposure. The average annual salary is $58,000.

4. Biochemical Engineer

A biochemical engineer combines engineering and biology to improve food quality and develop new medicines and biological materials. Ranked among the elite of biochemistry jobs or biochemistry careers, biochemical engineers work in a laboratory and supervise a team of researchers. To apply for the job, a bachelor's degree in chemical or biological engineering is a must. Applicants for senior positions require a master's or doctoral degree plus certification as a registered professional engineer. The average annual salary is $87,000.

5. Biochemical Researcher

The biochemistry job description of a biochemical researcher includes combining chemistry and biology to identify the structures of living organisms, analyzing their functions, and using the findings to improve or create new systems and processes. Candidates must at least have a bachelor's degree in Chemistry or any science-related field. Senior researchers are required to have a PhD, 4-5 years' lab experience, and perceptive analytical skills. The average annual salary is $58,000.

6. Biostatistician

Biostatisticians work alongside researchers and combine mathematics and science to address important health care and public health issues. They gather and analyze data which they later turn into helpful information using statistical software. To qualify as a biostatistician, candidates must have a PhD or master's degree, extensive knowledge of statistics, and above-average communication skills. The average annual salary is $86,000.

7. Biotech Specialist

Biotech specialists are experts in research and development in molecular biology, pharmacogenomics, genetics, bioengineering, and medicinal chemistry. They work for companies involved in pharmaceuticals, energy, chemicals, and food processing. They are also key players in biotechnology. Qualification requirements for this important job include a PhD or other doctoral degrees in biotechnology and biological sciences plus previous experience in the same field. The annual average salary is $84,000.

8. Biochemist

Biochemists work on a cellular level, performing research on their chemical properties in relation to growth, reproduction, and metabolism. They work in laboratories, teaming up with other scientists to research and develop new drugs and medical treatments. Beginning biochemists need at least a bachelor's degree, while higher-ranked positions require masters or doctorate degrees. A background in patent law is also an advantage. The annual average salary is $88,000.

9. Biotechnologist

A biotechnologist uses biology to solve problems and create useful products and processes. This professional is at the forefront of the fight against cancer and involved in the exciting but controversial fields of stem cell and genetic research. The position requires a PhD in biology plus additional training in genetics. Average annual salary is $77,000.

10. Biological Technician

A biological technician works in a laboratory assisting biologists and other medical scientists in conducting research and experiments on living organisms, food, and drugs. Applicants for the position must have a bachelor's degree in biology or a related field plus a background in hematology, thermal cyclers, and other laboratory procedures. The average annual salary is $45,000.

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